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Brandied Pear Cider & Chestnuts Snap Bar Wax Melts

Brandied Pear Cider & Chestnuts Snap Bar Wax Melts

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This one is another specialty blend of mine. With a mix of Brandied Pear and Mulled Cider and Chestnuts, I think this one will be a hit this fall. The sweet and spicy smell of this scent mesh well together.

Brandied Pear has the sweet aroma of ripe, juicy pear and aged brandy while the Mulled Cider and Chestnuts smell of caramelized sugar, toasty chestnuts and hints of cinnamon, tonka, and vanilla. 

All of our wax melts are hand-poured and made from a special kind of wax that is over 50% soy wax and food grade paraffin. This blended wax is excellent for fragrance retention, cold, and hot throw. Just try it for yourself. 

Warning!! Do Not Eat!! To prevent fire or injury: Remove from packaging before use. Use only with tea-light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. Do not leave melt unattended while in use. Keep out of reach from children & pets.

Instructions: Do NOT add water, Do NOT melt on stove top or in non-approved appliances. Use only in well ventilated areas away from flammable materials. Discontinue use if dish contains less than 1/2" of wax.

Break apart wax cubes and place 1-3 of them in your warmer.


Sign is roughly 5 1/2" H x 12" W

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